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Demonstration in Support of Ukraine Held in Budapest

picture of demonstration

Holding signs with “Stop Putin” and “Stop War” messages in Ukrainian national colors, participants marched together in a demonstration organized by Ukrainian mothers to call attention to the horrors of the war, then took part in a demonstration in support of Ukraine on Szabad sajtó Road.

Around 80 people took part in the procession, starting from UNICEF headquarters on Wesselényi Street in rainy weather.

They then reached the “Let’s End It Once and For All!” demonstration, hosted by Péter Juhász, where actor and director Béla Pintér, historian Krisztián Ungváry, and young Ukrainians all spoke. Around 150 people listened to the speeches in the wet weather.

The mothers who arrived for the demonstration first went down the sidewalk before reaching Kossuth Lajos Street, where they were allowed on the street.

There were many children among the marchers. All of them were there with their mothers but not their fathers, as men of military age are not allowed to leave Ukraine. Many of the women carried a toy doll or a rolled-up blanket in their lap to draw attention to the young victims of the war.

Participants in the march also sang Ukrainian songs, as well as the Ukrainian anthem when they passed by Astoria.

At the end of the procession, the participants put the dolls on the road, placing flowers there in memory of the victims of the war, and displayed a banner that said “Save our children.”

Hungary’s state-run media reported that the event was a “pro-war demonstration.”


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