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Momentum Reports MOL CEO Hernádi for Inciting Panic With Fake Photo

picture of Zsolt Hernádi and Gergely Gulyás

At Thursday evening’s government press conference, Minister Gergely Gulyás and MOL CEO Zsolt Hernádi announced new restrictions on gasoline, and reassured the public that Hungary had a sufficient supply of fuel despite recent rumors to the contrary. They added that legal proceedings would be launched against those who incite panic through the spreading of untrue rumors.

But now Hernádi himself is now being accused of stoking fear over fuel in that very same press conference where the measure was announced.

The issue concerned another measure the two men announced, punishment for those transporting gasoline illegally. Highlighting the need for this, the MOL CEO held up a photo of plastic bags of gasoline being transported in the trunk of a car (pictured).

However, the picture was later debunked by reporters after the press conference. It originally appeared in a 2019 article in the Mexican press.

Following this development, Momentum announced on Friday that it would file a report against Zsolt Hernádi, asking authorities to examine whether the MOL CEO’s statements meet the criteria of inciting panic through the spreading of rumors. [HVG]

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