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Sanctions Cannot Spread to Oil and Gas Sectors, Says Orbán

picture of Viktor Orbán and Boris Johnson

“We will not allow Hungarian families to pay the price of the war,” said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a video released Tuesday after heads of the V4 countries held talks with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London, followed by a bilateral British-Hungarian meeting.

The war has swept away all other topics. It is clear that we all have an interest in ending this war as soon as possible through diplomatic negotiations. Both they and we will make every effort in the coming weeks to restore peace. We also talked about the effects of economic sanctions. Everyone in Europe is suffering because of this, and Hungary is no exception.

-said the Prime Minister.

Further extending sanctions to the energy sector to cover oil and gas would place a disproportionate burden on Hungary, claimed Orbán.

This is why I have made it clear that while we condemn Russia’s armed attack and also condemn the war, we will not allow Hungarian families to pay the price of the war. These sanctions should not be extended to the oil and gas sectors. Most of the oil and natural gas that comes to Hungary originates from Russia, and 90% of Hungarian families heat their homes with gas. The Hungarian economy simply doesn’t work without gas and oil.

-explained the Prime Minister.

[Magyar Hang][Photo: Viktor Orbán / Facebook]

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  1. Alex Knisely

    “My last twelve years have been spent in ensuring that Hungary will again become a Russian vassal. We can see the success of this approach.”

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