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Fidesz Blames Left-Wing for Weak Forint

picture of István Hollik

On Monday, the euro exchange rate slumped to 400 forints, with analysts saying that many investors were trying to get rid of riskier regional currencies.

And an analysis of the situation by Bankmonitor stated that assessments of Hungary’s foreign policy positions justify selling off the Hungarian currency, noting that the Hungarian National Bank holds the smallest foreign exchange reserves among countries in the region.

Despite these assessments, one of Hungary’s most influential public commentators came to a completely different conclusion for the forint’s slump on the foreign exchange markets.

Fidesz communications director István Hollik (pictured) claimed in a video statement sent to news agency MTI that:

Irresponsible proposals and demands by the left have been weakening the forint for several days, endangering the Hungarian economy and Hungarian businesses.

The economic policy guru commented that the Hungarian left-wing could help the forint and the Hungarian economy the most by “finally ending such confusing, irresponsible statements.”

444 writes that when the euro exchange rate approached 370 forints in spring 2020, the pro-government media at that time blamed George Soros. [444]

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