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Just Weeks Before Election, Orbán Promises to Triple Agricultural Subsidies

picture of Viktor Orbán speaking

The government will increase the rate of supplemental assistance for agricultural subsidies from 17.5% to 80%, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised at the congress of the Association of Hungarian Farmers and Cooperatives (MAGOSZ) and the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) yesterday.

This means that agriculture will receive a total of 9 trillion Ft. (US $25.4 billion) in combined funding from the national government, European Union, and expected private investors in the next few years, claimed the Prime Minister. He added that this amounted to three times as much money as the sector had received until now.

If we are not able to modernize Hungarian agriculture with this, then nothing will work. This is our last historical opportunity, and if we don’t seize it, our competitors will pull away from us.

-stated the Prime Minister at the agrarian conference.

With the promised 9 trillion Ft. in financial aid, Orbán hopes that 80% of the agricultural processing and food industries will be Hungarian-owned, and 80% of food in the country likewise be of Hungarian origin.

At the same time, Viktor Orbán did not say anything surprising to the farmers at the event about the Russian-Ukrainian war taking place in Hungary’s northeastern neighbor, repeatedly reassuring them how “calm” the government was over the matter.

We condemn the war, especially since it is here in our neighborhood. We say no to violence, and are together with our allies.

-reiterated the Prime Minister.

However, he insisted that the most important thing was for Hungary to stay out of the conflict. In this regard, he also talked about how his government would not exchange Hungarian perspectives and “foreign approaches” on how it viewed the war.

[Népszava][Photo: Nemzeti Agrárgazdasági Kamara – NAK / Facebook]

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