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Opposition Demanding Stronger Sanctions Against Putin Regime

picture of press conference

The united political opposition is demanding that the Hungarian government impose three sanctions on Russia immediately, stating that the country’s aggression against Ukraine cannot go unpunished.

The United for Hungary party alliance held a press conference on Saturday, in which it urged Viktor Orbán to suspend the Paks II nuclear plant expansion project, freeze assets connected to the Russian President and his business cohorts, and eject the International Investment Bank from the country.

DK Vice-President László Varju, parliamentary candidate in Budapest’s 11th electoral district and chair of the Budget Committee, demanded that the government investigate whether Putin had assets in Hungary, then freeze those assets following the investigation. The Russian president does not believe in treaties, nor the spoken or written word, he claimed, but “believes in tanks, fighter bombers, and machine guns.”

Máté Kanász-Nagy, co-chair of LMP, voiced the demand that the Hungarian government immediately suspend the Paks II investment project.

The start of the war made it clear that we need to break the dependencies that bind us to the aggressor, Putin’s regime. One of our biggest dependencies is nuclear energy.

-said the LMP Co-Chair.

“While Viktor Orbán frequently acts as Putin’s Trojan horse in the European Union, this so-called International Investment Bank is Russia’s Trojan horse in the financial sector,” said Momentum’s Miklós Hajnal, the last speaker.

United for Hungary is demanding that the Orbán government immediately expel this Russian spy bank, whose employees even get diplomatic protection, from Hungary and the Hungarian financial system.

-announced Miklós Hajnal.

Hungary will support and not block any EU sanctions against Russia, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said while inspecting the Hungarian-Ukrainian border and again during his interview on M1 Television on Sunday evening.

The United States and the EU have already imposed massive financial sanctions on Russia since launching the attack on Ukraine.

Economic relations between Hungary and Russia are primarily dominated by the energy sector, but Hungary’s healthcare industry, pharmaceutical industry, and banking sector may also be severely impacted if the situation escalates. [Telex]

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