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Kovács: Orbán Not Suggesting That Hungary Might Leave EU

picture of Zoltán Kovács

State Secretary for Communication Zoltán Kovács (pictured) said that, contrary to a headline that appeared in German news agency dpa, Viktor Orbán was not suggesting in his annual assessment speech that Hungary leave the European Union, reported MTI.

The Prime Minister, said Kovács, spoke about some of the challenges Hungary has with the European Union, but did not state what the headline of the German news agency dpa alleged. The State Secretary claimed that best evidence of this was the Prime Minister’s words themselves, which he quoted in several places.

The most important thing is whether we want to stay together or not. Especially here in Europe, because the European Union only has a future if we can stay together despite a growing cultural alienation from one another. For our part, we want to keep the European Union together. That is why we have made several offers of tolerance to Brussels and Berlin.

-quoted Zoltán Kovács from the Prime Minister’s speech.

According to the State Secretary, Viktor Orbán was essentially saying that Budapest does not expect Brussels to take over Hungarian migrant policy, Hungarian family policy, or Hungarian foreign and national policy, “but they cannot demand that we take over theirs either.” [Telex]

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