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41 Political Parties Officially Taking Part in Parliamentary Elections

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The National Election Office (NVI) has already registered 41 political parties for Hungary’s parliamentary elections this year. As NVI’s website shows, the agency has also rejected three parties from putting up candidates in the April 3 vote.

Small parties are rapidly proliferating in the country. Just a week ago, when wrote about fake parties taking part in the election this year, there were only 34 parties registered with NVI.

Márton Vég from 444 is a fan of the Raven Order (Holló Rend), apparently chaired by one André Nyerges. There isn’t much information available about them, although the party claims that “Raven Order” represents two things:

On the one hand, it’s a fantasy name in which the raven is an independent symbol, expressing that we do not belong to the old political palette. The party is neither right-wing nor left-wing. It is characterized by a new-central identity. On the other hand, we call it an “order,” because one of the main values we stand for is honor.

Among the other smaller and lesser-known parties, the Free Hungarian Democratic Party, registered in Vésztő in Békés County in February 2021, appears to be quite something. Its most recent Facebook post was in March last year, in which the party shared an Fidesz ad saying, “Nobody should fall for the fake news of the anti-vaccine left-wing!”

Meanwhile, the face of the Normal Life Party is György Gödény, known for his openly vaccine-skeptic views and as the head of the Common Denominator party for four years.

However, NVI has rejected the Plato Party, chaired by Szilvia Reketyei, from taking part in this year’s election. According to their political platform, “We do not meddle in particular policies, but consider it our task to channel the appropriate policies into the legislative activities of Parliament,” they say. [444]

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