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Momentum Launches Website to Monitor “Voting Tourism” Electoral Fraud

picture of Miklós Hajnal and Bernadett Szél

Momentum board member Miklós Hajnal and independent MP Bernadett Szél (pictured) announced the launch of website, which is designed to track changes in the population of individual electoral districts on a continual basis.

As previously reported, the regulations over establishing residence in Hungary changed at the end of last year, essentially meaning that it is no longer necessary to actually live at the address where a citizen is registered. Opposition politicians claim that the rule change has given a green light to election fraud, especially in connection with voting rights granted to ethnic Hungarians in neighboring countries.

Fidesz made it easier for so-called “voting tourism” to take place last December, but we fought for the National Election Office to publish weekly population data in each electoral district.

-said Bernadett Szél, referring to her efforts to push for this data to be released on a regular basis.

She also expressed the need to ensure that the April 3 parliamentary election will be fair:

The fairness of the electoral system in Hungary is in serious jeopardy, which is why there’s a need for ballot counters everywhere. But we must also keep a regular watch on the path we’ve gone down so far. I will use this website in my own district.

Miklós Hajnal stressed that Momentum’s IT team developed the site so that the data published weekly by the election office could be viewed immediately.

This way, we can follow in real time by how much the number of registered voters in a given electoral district has increased or decreased since December.

-stated Miklós Hajnal, adding that the data published on the website will be able to determine whether changes in the number of registered voters in an electoral district is a result of voting tourism or just natural population movement.

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