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EU Select Committee on Foreign Intervention Condemns Hungarian Government for Pegasus and Fudan

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A European Parliament committee has condemned the Hungarian government for the use of Pegasus spyware and for its plans to set up a campus of China’s Fudan University in Hungary, announced Momentum MEP Anna Donáth on social media. The EP’s special committee on foreign interference in all democratic processes in the EU, including disinformation (INGE) voted on Tuesday on the report condemning the government.

The newly-adopted report shows that the problem that we perceive every day in Hungarian public life has now risen to the European level: the Chinese and Russian governments are using the Hungarian government for their own geopolitical purposes and violating Hungary’s sovereignty.

-wrote the opposition politician.

She added that these Eastern dictatorships have used the Hungarian government to conduct disinformation campaigns, thereby destabilizing the region. Fudan University will likewise be another tool in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party, she stated.

Anna Donáth also recalled that she and her colleagues in the Renew Europe parliamentary group had called on the leaders of other parliamentary groups to support setting up a committee of inquiry on Pegasus, questioning Viktor Orbán in the European Parliament, and calling him to account for the use of the spyware. The Pegasus issue is about democracy, she believes.

The European Parliament plans to discuss the document in March. [Magyar Hang]

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