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European Commission: Despite Orbán’s Denials, Hungary is Taking Part in Joint Vaccine Procurement

picture of Pfizer vaccine

The Hungarian government continues to claim that it will not be taking part in the European Union’s purchase of Pfizer vaccines that it first declined at the end of May, but the EU appears to be contradicting this claim.

Minister Gergely Gulyás said in early December that new batches of vaccines for children would be arriving, and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also said this about a not-yet-developed vaccine for the omicron variant in his international press conference on Tuesday.

However, the European Commission has said that both of these will be purchased by EU Member States as part of its vaccine procurement. The Brussels-based body told this to 444 a few weeks ago about the vaccine for children, and has now confirmed it to Telex about the omicron vaccine.

Moreover, the Commission also revealed that the Hungarian government had joined its procurement on October 5. It could not have done otherwise, according to the body, as there has been no new contract between Pfizer and the EU since May.


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