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Orbán in Sopron: “We Have Unified the Nation”

picture of Viktor Orbán in Sopron

Freedom and patriotism are two great traditions in politics, which are the two great pillars of Hungary that tie together the girders of loyalty.

-Viktor Orbán said at a memorial event on Tuesday marking the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Loyalty Day in the northwestern city of Sopron.

In his speech, the Prime Minister asked Sopron to remain a city of loyalty, connecting the homeland and freedom for the next hundred years, “thus making Hungary a solid building in which we Hungarians can feel at home.”

The Prime Minister also said that the government had unified the nation over the past decade and given jobs to anyone who wanted to work. “We recommend that Hungary go forward and not backward,” added Orbán.

Following the First World War, Sopron was awarded to Austria in 1919, but a local referendum was held on December 14, 1921, in which 65% of the population voted to remain a part of Hungary. Since then, Hungarians have typically referred to Sopron as “The Most Loyal Town” in the country, and the date of the referendum has been celebrated as “Loyalty Day.”


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