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Hadházy: Criminal Investigation into Another “Big Fish” Underway

picture of Ákos Hadházy

Independent MP Ákos Hadházy (pictured) reported a “great disturbance in the force” on social media, referring to his recent correspondence with the Prosecutor General on their current investigations.

After Pál Völner resigned as State Secretary earlier this week when the Prosecutor’s Office requested revoking his Parliamentary immunity, the office now confirmed to Hadházy that an investigation into another “very big fish” was underway.

Prosecutor General Péter Polt told the opposition politician that not only were they investigating a certain public procurement case, but that they already had a suspect.

Since they admitted that National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) was investigating “budget fraud committed in a business-like and criminal manner, causing significant damages,” Hadházy presumes that the case may be connected to SYS IT Services Kft. and a contract it won at the end of 2019, during the final months of the previous administration of Budapest Mayor István Tarlós.

Hadházy writes that SYS IT Services received a contract for “computer development and operation tasks” for 19 billion Ft. (US $58.8 million) from the Budapest Transportation Company, which it then subcontracted out to 4iG and Magyar Telekom. However, he writes, “the subcontractors did not complete the work, or not completely, but still billed for it at taxpayers’ expense.”

However, 4iG told HVG that they were unaware of any NAV investigation against them, and T-Systems also claimed not to know any information of a case against them.

According to Hadházy, many details still need to be clarified, but this is again a good example of the fact that “a single decent detective or prosecutor who will not let the case slip away is enough to see it through.”

[Magyar Hang][Photo: Ákos Hadházy / Facebook]

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