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Orbán Congratulates New German Chancellor Scholz

picture of Olaf Scholz

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed his best wishes to Olaf Scholz (pictured) in a letter to the recently-installed German Chancellor on Wednesday, Bertalan Havasi, head of the Prime Minister’s Press Office, informed MTI.

We consider the reunification of Europe, built on the foundations of our centuries-old historical bond, the change of regime in Central Europe, and the tearing down of the border diving the German people to be a significant factor in Hungarian-German relations.

-the Prime Minister wrote in his letter.

In his letter, Viktor Orbán emphasized that as Germany is a key partner for Hungary, “we remain committed to maintaining and developing our multifaceted cooperative relationship.” Orbán also invited the new chancellor to a V4-Germany summit to be held in Budapest next year.

Earlier, in an article published in German tabloid Bild, the Hungarian prime minister stated that the new left-liberal German government was moving away from Helmut Kohl’s Europe towards a centralized immigration and gender policy in Brussels under German influence.

We are no longer side by side in this. Time will tell how the situation develops

-added Viktor Orbán, who recently praised the relationship between Hungary and Germany in his most recent “Samizdat,” noting that he had directed the economic recovery process since 2010, “together” with now-departing Christian Democrat Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany’s new chancellor was elected by the Bundestag at the Wednesday morning session. Social Democrat (SPD) politician Olaf Scholz, the winner of the September 26 parliamentary election, received a majority 395 out of 707 votes.

Following congratulations, Olaf Scholz accepted his nomination from President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and took the oath of office at noon.


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