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Orbán Pens Farewell to Angela Merkel

picture of Angela Merkel

“Angela Merkel is departing from the German Chancellery on December 8, and a piece of Central European life is also leaving with her,” Viktor Orbán wrote in his 14th “Samizdat” missive, published on the Prime Minister’s website on Monday.

“We understood her, and she understood us,” added the Prime Minister about Angela Merkel (pictured). “Soviet occupation, Communist dictatorship, resistance and the popular movements in 1988-89, victory, freedom, reunification and then the Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, the new founder of the state.”

We worked together to manage the financial crisis in 2010, we were comrades in the fight to keep the European Union intact, and together watched helplessly and ineffectually the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, which was tragic for Europe. The loyal and disciplined Germans, the rebellious and unbridled Hungarians working for a common goal, a Europe in which every nation can feel at home

-wrote Viktor Orbán.

The Prime Minister also addressed the incoming German administration, declaring it as “pro-immigration, gender-friendly, and federalist.” As he expressed it,

One thing is for sure, the era of ambiguity, stealth politics, and drift has ended with Merkel. New, “open-helmet” times are coming,

-Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote in his 14th Samizdat paper.

[Magyar Hang, via MTI]

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