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Zsolt Németh (pictured) met with members of the U.S. Congress in Washington, where the topics discussed were security policy, economic cooperation, and political relations.

The Fidesz chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Parliament told state news agency MTI that the United States is the most important international player in world politics, so it is crucial for Hungary to maintain a continuous, high-level dialogue with the country. Security policy plays a critical role in the bilateral relations between Washington and Budapest, he said, mentioning that the topic of stability in the Western Balkans was also discussed.

The United States is very appreciative of Hungary’s role in the Balkans, especially after a Hungarian general took over command of KFOR in the fall. Hungary has also significantly increased its proportion of contingents serving in the region.

During negotiations, Zsolt Németh affirmed Budapest’s commitment to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty in regards to Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO, but also drew attention to the fact that respect for national minority rights, especially rights acquired by the Transcarpathian Hungarian minority, is a precondition for Hungary’s contribution to the effort. Budapest is dissatisfied with Kiev’s behavior in this area so far, the Hungarian side informed its American partners.

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee also said that the United States is Hungary’s most important trading partner outside Europe and the second largest investor in Hungary since the change of regime in 1989, creating more than 100,000 Hungarian jobs.

Zsolt Németh added that it is in Budapest’s interest for American-Hungarian economic relations to continue to develop and for Hungary to maintain an appropriate and predictable business environment.



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By Steven N.

Steven is the editor-in-chief of Hungarian Politics. He has been following the political scene in Hungary and the Central European region more or less since 1994.