picture of gay Santa

In a short interview with public media, House Speaker László Kövér expressed his concerns about the decline of the West, reserving particular disdain for a new Norwegian Post commercial that depicts Santa Claus as homosexual.

It’s been a long time since we last witnessed such an ugly and distasteful provocation that upset our faith and convictions. Making it worse is that it we’re talking about a state institution, not the NGOs of Uncle Georgie Soros. What’s more, through these means they taking aim at our children, which makes these efforts even more vile.

-László Kövér told public television station M1, which posted its interview with the Fidesz politician on hirado.hu yesterday evening.

“This world is banging on Hungary’s gates too now,” added the House Speaker.



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By Steven N.

Steven is the editor-in-chief of Hungarian Politics. He has been following the political scene in Hungary and the Central European region more or less since 1994.