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EU to Discuss Hungarian Rule of Law in Mid-December

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The situation surrounding the rule of law in Hungary will be on the agenda at the next EU Council of Ministers meeting in mid-December, Népszava has learned.

At this meeting, the heads of the ministries will only exchange views under the Article 7 procedure and will not hold a hearing, which would allow for a more thorough and lengthy exploration of the topics on the agenda. Article 7 is a procedure in the treaties of the European Union to suspend certain rights from a member state, which has been invoked in recent years against Member States Hungary and Poland.

The last time the EU27 held a hearing was in June this year, just after the Hungarian Parliament passed a “child protection” law that was described by many as homophobic. For this reason, recent legislative changes have been at the center of the debate.

An Article 7 procedure was initiated against Hungary in September 2018 at the initiative of the European Parliament. The aim of the process is to determine whether the fundamental values ​​of the European Union are being seriously violated in Hungary.

Over the last three years, Member States have not been able to provide a definitive answer to this question. The next step could be to make recommendations to the Hungarian government, which the European Parliament has urged in a resolution. Many expect the French presidency of the EU, which will take office in January, to move the process into its next phase, writes Népszava.



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