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Popular Blogger on Hungarian Affairs Eva S. Balogh Passes Away

picture of Eva Balogh

“It is with the heaviest heart that I report that, totally unexpectedly, Eva died this afternoon after suffering sudden cardiac arrest,” it was written on Hungarian Spectrum, the blog on current Hungarian affairs that Eva S. Balogh maintained through daily posts since 2007.

In a profile of the blogger in 2014, Budapest Beacon wrote that Hungarian Spectrum was “an important forum for informed discussion of topical issues, drawing the likes of Johns Hopkins’ Charles Gati, Columbia University’s Miklos Haraszti and Princeton’s Kim Lane Scheppele.”

Budapest Beacon called Hungarian Spectrum “by far the most important and influential English-language blog about Hungary.” By the time of her passing, over 7,000 people were subscribed to receive her daily newsletter.

On her life, the online news source wrote, “Éva Balogh was a third-year university student when the Hungarian revolution of 1956 broke out. Fearing repraisals for publishing an underground newspaper, in December of that fateful year Éva left Hungary for Canada. After learning English she completed her university studies. Earning a PhD in History at Yale, she taught Central European history there for eight years before leaving academia to help set up a publishing and typesetting buisness called Brevis Press.”

Born in 1936, Eva Balogh would have been 84-85 years old.

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