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EU: Rule of Law in Hungary Has Deteriorated Since 2018

picture of European Parliament representatives

The European Parliament (EP) is once again preparing a report on the situation of the rule of law in Hungary, reports Népszava.

Its authors are taking a look at the changes that have taken place since the adoption of the 2018 Sargentini report, and are expected to make recommendations. Their assessment will be based on experience gained during this year’s EP delegation visit to Hungary.

Népszava has learned that according to the delegation members, “the situation in Hungary has not improved but has deteriorated since 2018,” and “there are still serious concerns about threats to the independence of the judiciary and media freedom.”

The summary of the fact-finding delegation also states that “widespread corruption seems to have led to the emergence of a parallel state, making action almost impossible in the absence of an independent judiciary.” The report additionally mentions the Pegasus spy surveillance case, which has “highlighted that activists, journalists, and lawyers have been subject to increased state surveillance.”

Apparently, the visting MEPs were asked by many people on what authority they were there holding meetings, as the rule of law procedure launched by the Sargentini report was removed from scrutiny by the European Parliment and has been on the agenda of the council composed of government representatives for the past three years.

The report on the visit to Hungary is expected to be presented on Monday at the Civil Rights Committee of the House of Representatives.

[444, Népszava][Photo: EU Parliament votes on the Sargentini report, September 2018]

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