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BKV Losses Already Over 10 Billion Ft, But No Shutdown Expected

picture of Budapest subway

As reported yesterday, public transportation in Budapest could be facing serious difficulties in the short term if the government does not pay the City of Budapest the 12 billion Ft. (US $36.6 million) it normally provides to keep mass transit running.

According to Népszava, the operating loss of the Budapest Transportation Company (BKV) is already over 10 billion Ft. (US $30.6 million), but CEO Tibor Bolla reportedly said at a board meeting on Tuesday that the company would continue to keep public transportation operational until they are ordered otherwise from city leadership.

Deputy Mayor Ambrus Kiss told news channel ATV yesterday that a shutdown of mass transit had already been ruled out, but he hoped that the government would remit the amount to the capital by Thursday. Otherwise, Kiss said that BKV could be financed by loans until end of the year, and passengers would be informed that the government is not paying its regular annual contribution to public transportation in Budapest.


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