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EU Must Stop Infringement Proceedings Against Hungary, Writes Orbán

picture of Viktor Orbán

The European Commission must suspend all infringement proceedings that undermine Member States’ attempts to protect the territorial and national integrity and security of their citizens, wrote Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a letter to the President of the European Commission.

In the letter to Ursula von der Leyen, made available to state news agency MTI by the Prime Minister’s press office, Orbán stressed that the situation at the eastern borders of the European Union and the discussions between the Commission and Hungary have left some key questions unanswered.

According to Orbán, global challenges call for increased resilience to crises, and it was in this spirit that Hungary decided last July that the country would not become an obstacle to the union’s financial recovery from the pandemic.

As the prime minister phrased it, “We need to recognize that the current emergency has to be addressed through special measures. Our security and territorial integrity are at stake.” Consequently, in this situation the current legal framework needs to be adapted to reality, and that “Member States cannot be held accountable or punished for applying workable – yet proportionate – solutions to the challenges that face us all,” Orbán wrote.

The European Commission is currently taking action against Hungary on several issues. Most recently, the European Commission sent a letter to the Hungarian and Polish governments last week announcing the start of the procedure related to the rule of law mechanism.


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