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Hungary’s Vaccination Rate is Below EU Average

picture of Moderna vaccine

Six million of our compatriots have already been vaccinated, and those who haven’t yet should sign up to get it,

  • as posted by Viktor Orbán Tuesday on Facebook.

While six million vaccinated seems impressive at first, official statistics from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) provide a different perspective on the number, writes HVG. This is because the vaccination rate, here meaning the proportion of the population that has received two vaccine doses, is only 58.6% in Hungary, compared to the EU average of 64.9%.

Among standout countries in Europe, 78.5% of the population in Norway has received at least one vaccine, while this proportion is 77.7% in Iceland. In Spain and Portugal, these numbers are 80.5% and 87.9%, respectively.

However, the European health agency claims that the proportion of Hungarians who have received at least one shot is only 60.7%.


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