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Is It Election Season Yet? Fidesz MP Attends Five Dedication Ceremonies in One day

picture of dedication ceremony

We’ve already seen how many politicians it takes to dedicate a new 6km-long bike path during campaign season (spoiler: no less than 10!). But how many dedication ceremonies can a single politician attend in a single day?

Thankfully, provides us with the answer to this burning question: the record-breaking performance was given by local Fidesz MP Dr. István Vitányi, who ceremoniously cut ribbons in front of five (5!) different places in the town of Berekböszörmény on Saturday morning, while also being entertained with a musical and dance “Autumn Farewell” performance from the locals.

According to Debreciner,

The pro-government compatriot has a great deal of practice in ceremonial ribbon cutting, as evidenced by the many photos on his social networking site.

But there has never been anything like this in the history of the region!

Berekböszörmény is a town of 2,000 people in Hajdú-Bihar Country, close to the Romanian border. You can view all 37 of Istvan Vitányi’s photos of Saturday’s events on his Facebook page.

[][Photo: Dr. István Vitányi / Facebook]

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