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Teachers Have Until Dec. 15 to Get Vaccinated

picture of Hungarian classroom

Hungarian teachers will have to be vaccinated against Covid by December 15 or otherwise risk being sent on unpaid leave, reports Index.

District educations centers circulated a letter obtained by HVG that specified the deadline for teachers to receive the first dose of the vaccine, leaving the date of the second dose to be determined by a medical doctor. It apparently does not address the those who decided on the one-dose Janssen vaccine.

The vaccination must then be certified by school administrators.

Teachers who do not get vaccinated will be sent on unpaid leave, then dismissed from their position if they still have not gotten their shot after one year.

Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, stated at a Government Information session on Thursday that it was especially important for public employees who have contact with many people to vaccinate themselves.

The minister also said at the Government Info session that vaccination would be mandatory for teachers working as subcontractors as well.


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