picture of hospital workers

The National Hospital Directorate confirmed to hvg.hu that non-essential surgeries would have to be delayed in some hospitals due to the worsening coronavirus situation in Hungary. In addition, as in previous waves of the epidemic, county medical services may also have to be reorganized.

A daily report on koronavirus.gov.hu stated that “due to the increase in the number of patients with coronavirus, the number of beds assigned to coronavirus patients in hospitals also went up, as they did when cases increased during previous waves of the epidemic. In the interest of protecting patients and reducing the burden on the health care sector, some hospitals may again need to postpone surgeries that are not urgent.”

Waiting lists may grow longer due to the postponement of non-essential surgeries, writes 444. While about 25,000 people had been waiting for hospital procedures prior to the epidemic, that number grew to 41,000 in September, according to the National Health Insurance Fund.

Since the end of the third wave at the start of May 2021 alone, the number of people waiting for surgery has already increased by 9,000.


By Steven N.

Steven is the editor-in-chief of Hungarian Politics. He has been following the political scene in Hungary and the Central European region more or less since 1994.