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Hadházy: 1.2m Ft. Per Day Spent on Make-Up, Hair, and Wardrobe for State TV

picture of Ákos Hadházy

Crusading anti-corruption MP Ákos Hadházy announced that 444 million Ft. (US $1.43 million) is paid yearly for make-up, grooming, and wardrobe for presenters and guests on public-owned television. This amounts to 1.2 million Ft. (US $38.6 thousand) per day, according to the former LMP politician.

“The contract states that the winning company will have to provide around 80,000 working hours, according to which MTVA’s make-up artists provide services for 5,500 Ft. (US $17.70) per hour, or one million forints a month,” said Hadházy.

He added that the winning company had been invited through an invite-only tender procedure, and that according to the documents a bid was only requested from a single company, which is otherwise illegal.

The independent MP does not believe that make-up artists and hairdressers actually earn this high of a wage, but that the company that receives these contracts year after year passes on the actual work to subcontractors and pockets a nice little profit from it.

[Népszava][Photo: Ákos Hadházy / Facebook]


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