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Tabloid Suggests Momentum MEP Was Drugged at Her Own Wedding

picture of Katalin Cseh

Hungarian tabloid Bors and online news portal Bennfentes has published a lurid exposé of the wedding reception of Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh and her groom Dániel Berg, the Deputy Mayor of Budapest’s District II, reports Telex. The story had no byline and included many intimate photos of the private event.

In addition to other unattributed claims, the tabloids allege without any specific evidence that Cseh may have been drugged at her own wedding, asking in a provocative headline whether the European Parliamentary representative could have been under the influence of mind-altering drugs.

According to Telex, public personas have to deal with more interference in their private lives, but the laws are not strict enough in this area. The private lives of public persons should only be publicized when there is some sort of public interest connected with the story, claims the news source.

Asked by Telex to respond to the tabloids’s story, Cseh commented that “there is not a single true and real statement in it,” and that she finds it “very sad” that her wedding event was used for propaganda purposes.

“We sent these photos to a closed group of people, to those we invited, so that they could share in the joy of one of the most beautiful days of our life,” said the Momentum politician.


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