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Orbán Says “Sooner or Later” All Gov’t Employees Will Have to Be Vaccinated

picture of Viktor Orbán

Speaking on Kossuth Rádió yesterday, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urged all eligible Hungarians to get their vaccine shot against the coronavirus if they haven’t already.

The delta virus would not cause any harm if everyone were vaccinated, the Prime Minister said on the “Good Morning, Hungary!” program.

The unvaccinated are in life-threatening danger, said Orbán, because they are capable of becoming seriously ill once the virus finds them. The vaccine, he believes, is the most important protective measure to prevent this.

Hungary has 10 million doses of the vaccine, he said, and another 5 million will arrive by the end of the year. Responding to the question of possible further measures to prevent the spread of the virus, the Prime Minister stated that, “if the virus spreads faster, we will have to react to it.”

The Prime Minister also said that the cabinet could not convince any more people to take the vaccine, as he feels that only “workplace communities” are able to do that.

However, he also said that “vaccination will be mandatory for all government employees sooner or later, primarily those who meet a lot of people, such as those working in customer service.”


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