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High School Students Required to Attend Screening of Political Film “Elkxrtuk”

Picture of Karcag Town Hall

Three screenings of the new politically-oriented film “Elkxrtuk” were organized on Thursday in the town of Karcag for local high school students to attend. According to students and teachers, student attendance at at least one of the schools was mandatory, and those who did not watch the film were given an unjustified absence from class.

However, administrators at the Sámuel Szentannai Reformed High School told Telex that while they organized the screening for students in the 11th, 12th, and 13th grades, attendance was not mandatory. Many students in these grades will be eligible to vote in next year’s Parliamentary elections.

The news portal also learned that the Karcag Municipality and Déryné Cultural Center, which showed the film, covered the costs of the screenings and busing the students to the cultural center, although the mayor of Karcag denied that municipal funds were used to finance the excursion.

“Elkxrtuk,” produced by Fidesz booster Gábor Kálomista, purports to show the political disturbances and riots of 2006 from a pro-government perspective and has been criticized as historically inaccurate.


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