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MSZP Tells Fidesz Not to Act on Fudan Before Referendum is Held

picture of Fudan University location

Reacting to the news of a new director nominated to the Fudan University Hungary Foundation, the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) stated that Fidesz “wants to secure the area stolen from the Student City project for itself.”

In a written statement, MSZP called on the ruling party not to make any decisions about Fudan University before a planned referendum is held, as “the Hungarian people will have to decide the fate of Fudan, not the Orbán government.”

Mayor Gergely Karácsony has already initiated a national referendum regarding the planned Chinese university. The referendum was approved by the National Election Commission, but the decision was challenged and a decision has not been made by the Curia, the Supreme Court of Hungary.

The aim of Karácsony’s referendum is to repeal a law passed by the pro-government majority on June 15 to prepare for the construction and development of Fudan University in Budapest. The site chosen for the campus had been set aside for a planned Student City project to benefit Hungarian college students.


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