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Regional Development Program Will Help Lesser-Developed Regions Catch Up

picture of Mihály Varga

Over the next seven years, the government will provide 1.8 trillion Ft. (US $5.8 billion) for lesser-developed regions in Hungary to implement their own development ideas, writes Index.

The recently-launched TOP Plus program will provide regions and settlements with even greater opportunities than before, said Minister of Finance Mihály Varga when signing the strategic partnership agreement with the National Association of County Municipalities in Budapest.

The Finance Minister stated that the first calls for proposals have already been published, totaling over 636 billion Ft. (US $2 billion).

These proposals will finance the development of Roads 4 and 5, infrastructure development in settlements, sustainable urban development initiatives, the energy modernization of municipal buildings, and the establishment of occupational and economic development cooperation efforts.

He added that a call for proposal to fund nursery schools and kindergartens would be available on Tuesday.


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