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Trade Unions Say Vaccine Mandates Could Lead to Mass Resignations

The Hungarian Trade Union Association stressed the importance of the Covid vaccine, but finds it unacceptable that the government has pushed the responsibility of deciding whether or not to require a vaccine mandate onto employers. The association believes that the government should have consulted with it, and not enhance discrimination in such a way that numerous unanswered questions remain about the matter, Association Vice-Chair Tamás Székely told Hungarian news agency MTI.

Until now, only workers have been entitled to ask for unpaid leave, but now employers have the opportunity to determine when their employees work through making them take unpaid leave if they refuse to get vaccinated within 45 days, thus threatening their livelihood.

The trade union association believes that dismissing employeess due to vaccine refusal is contrary to Hungary’s Fundamental Law, and that the government is giving employers a tool that can generate mass resignations if abused.

The confederation of trade unions stated that other tools could have been used to provide for workers’ material security and increase the vaccination rate, and has called on the Competitive Sphere Consulation Forum to investigate the matter. [Index]

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