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Anna Donáth Announces Candidacy for Momentum Chair

Azonnali reports that Anna Donáth, one of Momentum’s representatives in the European Parliament, has decided to run for the post of party chair, joining Anna Orosz, who had previously announced her candidacy.

Orosz, a Vice-Mayor of the District XI government, is currently acting party chair, a post which has been left empty since party founder András Fekete-Győr resigned following his last-place showing in the opposition’s primary elections last month.

In a post announcing her candidacy, Donáth came out in support of a green, environmentally-focused agenda, and stronger communities to fight the climate catastrophe. The Momentum EP also promotes an active and supportive government for the future, which is essential in the fight against climate change.

The party expects to choose its new leader in November. [Azonnali]

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