Following up from his press conference earlier today, joint opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay published the “oppo research” on him that he received from the Democratic Coalition last week.

Although large portions of the 67-page document, much of which is blacked out, had already been made public through pro-government media reports, and even included his own Wikipedia page, Telex reports on two new allegations against the Hódmezővásárhely mayor.

The first of these was a claim that Márki-Zay’s wife, an obstetrician, was responsible for the death of a infant, which the document claims was an “unexploited” area to attack the opposition leader. However, pro-government news portal Origo lost a lawsuit in connection with this claim in April and had to pay HUF 2 million as a result.

The second major claim concerns Márki-Zay’s departure to work in Canada over 20 years ago. The document claims that Márki-Zay worked for a shadowy MLM-like company in Hungary that functioned as a “money factory,” but he had to flee to Canada after the company folded. The document gives few details on any of the specifics of the alleged wrongdoing.

By Steven