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Lőrinc Mészáros Now Hungary’s Second-Largest Employer

The number of companies owned by Lőrinc Mészáros, Hungary’s richest person, has gone up from 295 a year ago to 343 today, reports G7. Only Hungarian Post employs more people than the companies collectively owned by the pro-government oligarch.

Yet while the Mészáros group increased its number of companies by 48 in a single year, its collective number of employees remained roughly the same, meaning that there were around 25,000 people working for one of the group’s companies last year as well as this year. The group’s largest employer is Magyar Bankholding, with around 12,000 employees.

Businesses owned by the former gas fitter from Felcsút and Viktor Orbán’s childhood friend employ more people than companies such as Volánbusz, MÁV, Spar Hungary, Audi Hungária, Tesco-Global, BKV and OTP Bank.

As the largest employer in Hungary, Hungarian Post currently employs 26,688 people, behind the 25,000 working for the Mészáros group of companies. Transportation company Volánbusz is quite a bit behind in third place with 18,362 employees. [Népszava]

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