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Six Environmental Organizations Launch Petition to Rescind Logging Decree

WWF Hungary, the National Society of Conservationists, BirdLife Hungary, the 10 Million Trees Foundation, Greenpeace Hungary, and the Clean Air Action Group have jointly penned an open letter to Viktor Orbán, asking the Prime Minister to rescind the government decree that eliminates restrictions on logging to generate firewood for heating.

“In addition to the ever-worsening effects of climate change, degrading the natural state of the forests and thus their ability to self-sustain is extremely irresponsible, while it would be possible to ensure the supply of firewood without such excesses,” said WWF Hungary’s program manager about the logging decree, which opens up even the most valuable state-owned forests to possible clear cutting, writes 444.

The fact that practically any forest can be harvested by ministerial permission beyond the scope of the forest plan is an unacceptable and unlimited authorization without precedent in a democratically run country. This possibility also calls into question whether the country’s most valuable forest remnants can survive.

-the WWF added.

Anyone can add their name to the petition on the WWF website. [Magyar Narancs]

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