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Two-Thirds of Hungarians Say Fidesz Lied About Maintaining the Subsidized Utility Policy

Nearly half of Hungarians (48%) do not agree with reducing subsidies for utility bills, and another 14% “somewhat disagree” with it, according to poll results by the Publicus Institute published in Népszava on Wednesday.

25% of respondents agree with the government’s new policy of subsidizing the price of gas and electricity only up to the level of average household consumption, and a further 10% “somewhat agree.”

68% felt that ruling party Fidesz broke its election promise to maintain the subsidized utility policy, and even 20% of Fidesz supporters agreed with this.

The vast majority of respondents expect their consumption to exceed the level that will be subsidized: 61% expect to pay higher gas bills, while 81% expect higher electricity bills. 47% of them expect to have difficulties paying their bills.

On the issue of inflation, respondents named the increase in food prices (60%) and higher utility costs (57%) as the most common problems that they believed would “very seriously affect” them over the next year, the Publicus data found. [Telex]


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