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Gov’t English-Language Summary of Orbán Speech Omits Mention of “Mixed Races”

“OOPS! What a surprise that in the English summary of the Fidesz Prime Minister’s speech in Tusványos, only the parts that could cause the most controversy and resentment in Europe and internationally were omitted,” posted Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi on social media on Sunday.

Ujhelyi wrote that Tamás Deutsch, as the head of the Fidesz delegation in the European Parliament, circulated a letter to all Members of the European Parliament and their assistants that included a link to a written summary of the Prime Minister’s speech in Tusványos, which has provoked strong negative reactions from both Ukrainian and Romanian officials.

However, in the summary written by Zoltán Kovács, one looked in vain for sentences that have caused legitimate and actual outrage, such as those on ‘mixed-race’ Europeans and ‘non-mixed-race’ Hungarians, or about Germans with serious ‘know-how’ in reducing their gas consumption, as these parts were left out, as was the part that Hungary will be a net contributor to the European Union by 2030, and then ‘we’ll be calling the shots.’ According to the summary that was officially distributed and recommended for reading, it’s as if these statements had never been made.

-the opposition MEP wrote. [Magyar Hang]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Since Kovács aka “the black hole” was appointed National Foreign Communication Censuror, the careful omissions of “un-kosher” and blatantly hateful phrases have been trademarks of all HU govt. media translations.

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