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Orbán: Yes to Ukraine Entering the EU, No to More Sanctions

We say yes to Ukrainian membership in the European Union, yes to peace, and no to further sanctions!

-said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on social media on Thursday on the EU summit taking place today and tomorrow in Brussels.

In a video uploaded to his Facebook page, the Prime Minister said he had met with Western Balkan leaders in the morning, followed by an overview of Ukraine and the situation with the war in the afternoon. On Friday, “we will be discussing the European economic situation in sufficient depth and length,” said Orbán, which he claims is “not at all rosy.”

“Europe is suffering,” said Orbán. “It is suffering from war inflation and suffering from the economic crisis from the war.”

The Hungarian Prime Minister added that more and more sanctions were being proposed, but he believes the sanctions, along with the war, are the cause of economic difficulties.

We need peace now, not new sanctions, because the only antidote to wartime inflation is peace.

-stated Orbán in the video. [HVG]

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