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Official Fixed Prices to Continue for at Least Four More Months

The government has made a decision on the so-called “price stops,” announced Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on his social media page on Thursday.

According to his Facebook post:

The Association of Independent Gas Stations responded to the announcement by saying they hoped there would be enough fuel to last this long.

The government has received a good deal of criticism over its official price fixing policies, writes Magyar Hang.

Numerous smaller filling stations have become unprofitable and insolvent since the policy to set the price of regular gas at 480 Ft. (US $1.27) per liter was introduced last November, which has also led to a shortage of fuel.

The official fixed prices on certain food items, launched on February 1, has also led to considerable consternation from grocers. Seven products – crystal sugar, BL-55 wheat flour, sunflower cooking oil, pork leg, chicken breasts, chicken backs, and 2.8% UHT milk – have to be sold at exact the price they were on October 15 last year, even if it means a loss for retailers on each item sold.

In addition, stores are required to stock the foods items under the fixed price policy. [Magyar Hang]

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