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44 MEPs Send Letter to Orbán Asking Him to Stand on “Right Side of History”

Several Members of the European Parliament, including those from the European People’s Party, are asking Viktor Orbán in a letter not to pursue his own political interests at the cost of Ukrainian lives, writes Szabad Európa.

We are asking you to stand on the right side of history, together with the Hungarian people, who are clearly in solidarity with Ukraine. We are asking you to act like a true European.

-the MEPs write in the letter.

The MEPs do not understand why Orban attempted to slow down the adoption of the sixth sanctions package against the Russian government, break EU unity, and weaken sanctions. When the democratic world is united in supporting Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, they expect the Hungarian Prime Minister and his government to do the same.

They also expressed the belief that economic benefits and personal political interests are more important to Viktor Orbán than Ukrainian lives. [444]

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