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“There’s a Very Serious Problem With Hungary,” Says Kaczyński

Poland’s deputy prime minister, Jarosław Kaczyński, was harshly critical of Hungary at a voter event in Sochaczew, Poland, writes Wprost.

As previously reported, the EU had wanted to impose sanctions on Patriarch Kirill, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church was removed from the sanctions list after Hungary protested.

In response to a question about Hungary’s obstinance over EU sanctions, Kaczyński said:

Well, for this Kirill we had to pay a very small price for the unanimity needed in such cases. But in truth there is a very serious problem with Hungary at the moment, which I do not want to take lightly.


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  1. Misi bacsi

    Yes, there is a “very serious problem with Hungary.” In another context, the great Istvan Bibo wrote about “our responsibility for what happened” regarding the mass murder of Jewish Hungarians during World War II, let alone the antisemitic steps prior to mass murder taken by their non Jewish neighbors. In fact, Istvan Deak has estimated that over 200,000 Hungarians were responsible for organizing the mass deportations of spring/summer, 1944 of their fellow Jewish Hungarian citizens. I mention these details as the serious problems with Hungary are not only due to the ruling regime, but sadly, the indifference by many ordinary Hungarians. The Polish government may finally be getting the correct message.

    • Steven

      Too many Hungarians are indifferent to what is happening in Ukraine, I’m afraid. Or they only care about the fate of ethnic Hungarians from the region.

  2. Michael Detreköy

    Poland isn’t very objective about their antisemitic stance during the war. It could change, as they are partially “excused” by the German invasion. But Hungary sits on a far darker legacy. The 2nd army had an unknown number of jewish laborers at their disposal.

  3. Misi bacsi

    Thanks Steven and Michael. Regarding recent past Polish government legal action against several historians of Shoah in Poland, let alone the government attempt to rewrite history of that terrible period, my hope -possibly misplaced- is that the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the terrible conduct of the Hungarian regime may be wake up calls. Regarding the Hungarian conduct during the Shoah, it is accurate to comment on the Hungarian Labor Service (forced labor of Jewish Hungarians). A relative of mine was sent to the Hungarian Labor Service. How he survived is unknown to me and I never had the courage to ask. In both the current conflict in Ukraine, as Steven N. commented, and during WWII, as Michael D.commented, the indifferent role of many ordinary Hungarians is/was very sad.

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