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Ukraine Official Reacts to Kövér’s Harsh Comments on Zelensky

Andrij Sybiha, deputy head of the Ukrainian presidential office, gave a response to László Kövér’s comments on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a Facebook post, reports HVG from the Polish Gazeta. The Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly recently said to HírTV that he thinks Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has psychological problems and demands too much.

Sybiha believes that people are smart, and know exactly how to react to the unacceptable and wild statements of “non-politicians” like László Kövér.

He who is guilty has much to say. You recognize a donkey by its ear, and a fool by their talk. Long speech, short brain.

-wrote Sybiha in his post, who remarked that he would be happy for Kövér to say what he thought about Hungarian Nazi soldiers burning thousands of people alive in Chernivtsi and Koriukivka during World War II.

In the days before the 1943 Koriukivka massacre, Soviet resistance attacked a local Axis garrision mostly consisting of Hungarians. As retribution, some 6,700 people were massacred in the village a few days later.

Sybiha claimed that Ukraine would win the war, which all Ukrainian citizens will be proud of. He also wrote that wise Hungarians will always be friends of Ukraine, unlike temporary politicians. [HVG]

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