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Fidesz Caucus Leader Proposes That Political Parties Contribute to New Gov’t Fund

Hungary’s political parties should also contribute to the government’s newly-created utility price defense fund with the surplus funds remaining from the expenses of their parliamentary caucuses, said Máté Kocsis.

The Fidesz parliamentary group leader wrote on Facebook that a proposal on the issue would be submitted in Parliament next week.

The government announced on Thursday that it would create a 700 billion Ft. (US $1.91 billion) fund to protect utility prices, and a 200 billion Ft. ($545 million) fund for defense spending, by taxing the “extra profits” of eight economic sectors. [444]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    With the complete lack of economic transparency displayed by Orbán’s rule, it’s accepted by most Hungarians, that all expenses for maintaining sub-market retail prices will eventually be paid by consumers and wage earners. They will complain, of course, but they won’t make demands.
    They support the government for completely different reasons, mainly the practice of old-fashioned national conservative value-politics, and holding up the image of former “Big Hungary”.

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