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Orbán Stokes Fear of Future Dangers as New Government is Sworn In

Parliament voted for the new government for the 2022-26 parliamentary term on Tuesday afternoon, and after giving a short speech, Viktor Orbán personally introduced the ministers to the National Assembly in a few brief sentences.

The Prime Minister first thanked the electorate for expressing the will of the people with unprecedented clarity. Not since 1990 have voters stood behind a government with such large and united resolve as the one that is now taking office, Orbán said.

The new government is facing a particularly daunting task, claimed Orbán, as the country has barely recovered from the coronavirus epidemic and there is a war going on in the neighboring country. In addition, he said:

In Brussels, their compass has gotten all mixed up, so we can’t expect any help from them there.

As Orbán put it, he has been an MP for 32 years, but he had never seen as much uncertainty about the future as he does today.

The strong will of the electorate and future uncertainty together place a greater responsibility than ever before on the new government.

-added the Prime Minister.

This decade will be an one of danger, insecurity, and wars, he said. The biggest geopolitical rearrangement of the 21st century, the global energy and food crisis, threatens to destabilize populous but fragile countries, which could result in new wars and a greater flood of refugees than that seen in 2015.

These problems would pose a serious challenge even to an EU that was brilliantly run, according to the Prime Minister, but today the EU is anything but that. “I tend to see delays, confused ideologies, rushed and unreasonable decisions,” Orbán said.

Consequently, “we cannot afford the luxury of irresponsibility, fragmentation, and weakness at a time like this,” but truly need a “gutsy” government that can cope with the serious challenges ahead, said the Prime Minister.

Viktor Orbán sees the duties of the next government as preserving and strengthening the physical, material, and spiritual-cultural security of Hungarians in the Carpathian Basin. Hungarian families need to be supported, Hungarian businesses need to be fortified with capital, and the Hungarian economy needs to be kept on a path of growth, he said, offering this challenge to his new government ministers. [Telex]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    Steven, you do a great job reporting calmly on the usual nonsense that Orban comments on such as his comments in todays post i.e. it has taken him “32 years” to realize Hungary’s future is “uncertain”. Of course, Orban assumes zero responsibility for creating that tidal wave of uncertainty through the destruction of liberal democracy, let alone the destruction of rule of law. In short order, Hungary may soon find itself with out access to easy EU funding. Nor will Hungary’s neighbors forget his climbing into bed with Putin; said alliance is -of course-contributing to global hunger and likely increased migration from land near and far from Europe.

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