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Gov’t Decree Steals Building from City of Vác, Gives It to Fidesz-Aligned Foundation

“A government decree from April gives the distinguished building complex behind me to a foundation based in Zebegény free of charge. The leaders of the city as well as the citizens of the city of Vác, I can say with certainty, consider this decision unfounded and unacceptable,” Vác Mayor Ilona Matkovich said at a press conference on Thursday.

Two days after the April 3 election, it was revealed that a government decree had gifted one of Vác’s iconic exhibition halls, the baroque building at 16 Káptalan St., to a foundation named the Danube Bend Protection Association, based in Zebegény. The curator of the foundation, Gergő Bajor, is also the secretary of Bence Rétvári, the parliamentary representative for the region.

The building is currently under city management, but this situation would be changed by a government decision to redirect public property to private property, and public purposes to private purposes, said Ilona Matkovich.

Moreover, the local municipality has already planned to use the building to exhibit the collection of painter Gyula Hincz, as the city originally received the building from the state for this purpose.

Since the end of the socialist period, it has never occurred that a local municipality, without any prior notification, was surprised with news that a public building used by so many people would be taken away from them.

-said Mayor Matkovich, who learned about the decision in the Official Gazette. [Népszava]

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