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Hungary Struck Deal with Russia to Get Ukrainian Land, Says Ukrainian Official

Oleksiy Danilov, secretary of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council, said on a television show that Hungary knew in advance about the Russian attack on Ukraine, and in addition to openly cooperating with Russia, it expected to get a part of Ukraine for itself.

Danilov claimed that some countries in NATO do not respect the democratic values expected of the organization:

Hungary, for example, openly agrees to cooperate with Russia. In addition, Russian President Putin warned Budapest in advance that he was planning an attack on Ukraine.

-he said, accusing Hungary of revanchism by desiring to regain the territories in Ukraine that used to belong to the country.

You see how Hungary behaves, and for some reason they expected to be able to reclaim their lost territories. But this will never happen, as we will win.

-said Danilov.

Tamás Meczer, the state secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, responded to the allegation on Facebook:

Our decision is clear: we will not transport arms to the war in Ukraine. Hungarians decided this issue quite clearly on April 3. We understand that the Ukrainian government is not happy about this decision, but this decision will change even if they come up with ever-harsher lies and nonsense day by day.

[Magyar Hang]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    The state secretary does not appear to have responded to main allegations i.e. that Orban was informed in advance of invasion by Putin regime and that the Hungarian regime was promised territory from a carved up Ukraine. NATO and EU need to confirm and if either allegation is true, long over due expulsions from both NATO and EU must be considered.

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