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Gov’t Has to Disclose Ventilator Info After Losing Court Case

The Metropolitan Court has ruled in favor of Transparency International Hungary in a lawsuit filed against the Ministry of Human Resources (EMMI). Transparency wanted to know how many ventilators EMMI managed to resell after the Hungarian state purchased over 17,000 units for 300 billion Ft. (US $871 million), which was far more than the country needed and was able to handle.

After EMMI was tasked with getting rid of the unnecessary ventilators, Transparency filed a public interest request over data related to their resale. But when the ministry refused the request, the anti-corruption NGO took it to court.

In a judgment of the first instance, the Metropolitan Court ruled that EMMI will have to disclose this information. [Index]

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  1. 2bits4free

    Would be good to know exactly which of Orban`s criminal fraternity made millions, if not billions, from the desperate situation during Covid.
    Sanction Orban, sanction his disgusting greedy friends and family who think of nothing other than getting even fatter and richer while Hungary had the highest number of Covid deaths per capita, who hang out at the Felix restaurant with their body guards parking illegally while ordinary folk get fines for doing the same, and expose to the world the outrage of Orban hosting the KGB in Budapest, disguised as a “bank”- the IIB, in Fo utca.

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