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Election Results Show Opposition Capable of Winning in Small Towns Too

Except for the larger cities of Budapest, Pécs, and Szeged, most of Hungary went for Fidesz in the April 3 parliamentary elections. However, there were a few smaller towns where the united opposition performed relatively well, such as Tapolca, Ajka, Dunaújváros, Budaörs, Nagyatád, and Kazincbarcika, although the towns surrounding these places caused the entire electoral district to go for Fidesz.

One curious location where the opposition won was in the small town of Záhony, located on the Ukrainian-Hungarian border, where Fidesz only got 40% of the vote and was beaten by 11% by the opposition.

The success of the opposition in these places shows that they have a chance to win smaller towns, but they have to do more than just show up once every four years before an election, said political analyst Richárd Szentpéteri Nagy. [Népszava]

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